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One of the best things about having a new kitchen is that you can have some new appliances. Top of the list of built-in appliances for many people is the built-in oven. With built-in ovens there is a lot of choice and a few things you need to know.


Modern ovens are more complex and sophisticated than they used to be. There are countless options that go beyond whether you want gas, electric or fan assisted. Today, you can have self-cleaning ovens, automatic ovens, steam ovens and even internet enabled ovens. You need to ask yourself what you need from your oven and then there are a few more things you need to decide upon.


Gas or Electric are the two choices most people think they have to make when it comes to their oven. The majority of built-in ovens today are electric and conventionally these have a heater element at the top and at the bottom. Many ovens allow you to choose which heater element you wish to use; top, bottom or both. Fan assisted ovens are the best for all-round baking and are often more efficient. Further to this you may need a grill, not all ovens have this as standard.

Another option that many people are considering when it comes to Built-in ovens is that of steam cooking. Steam ovens often have a smaller capacity than conventional ovens and also need plumbing. Having a new kitchen installed is the perfect time to opt for steam if you are seriously considering it.


Another important factor to consider when choosing a new built-in oven is size. When designing your new kitchen your built-In oven of choice can be fitted in with the design to optimise space. There are choices for double oven and single oven when it comes to built-in appliances. You can also choose how and where you want these positioned in your new kitchen; side-by-side, above and below or even apart.

When choosing the size of your new oven you need to know how many you are cooking for and what you will be cooking. It is very easy to underestimate the size of the oven you need and considering you should get up to 10-years life from your new oven you may wish to consider family growth and other demographics into the size you choose.


Cleaning an oven is not an enjoyable task. For this reason many people choose a self-cleaning oven and there are a few options in this regard.

Pyrolytic cleaning ovens heat the oven up to a staggering 500 degrees centigrade. These ovens essentially incinerate any grease or dirt inside the oven leaving you to sweep out the remains.

Catalytic lining ovens have plates inside the oven that contain cleaning chemicals that break down grease and grime. Using a special setting these plates are “activated” and cleaning begins.

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