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Established in 1999 with experience in the Kitchen Industry going back over 30 years, we have fitted and used just about every worktop available. This experience is valuable when it comes to offering advice on which worksurface would suit your style of use and aesthetic requirements.


In the old days, when kitchen 'units' were a new idea, 'Formica' was the wonder product – the must have worktop material. It was smooth, it didn't stain and was easy to wipe clean. It also came in four different colours!

Well a great deal has changed since the 1960s, but the Formica brand is still going strong. Just goes to show what a great product with constant development can do. There are now several different manufacturers of 'high pressure laminate' work surfaces available with different textures and hundreds of colours/patterns. Some of the options are shown below.


Timber work surfaces are a natural product which is supplied in a few different thicknesses. There are a number of different species available, which gives a choice of colour and grain. Being a solid product, the visible edges can be shaped to differing profiles and sink bowls can be fitted from underneath, with drainer grooves cut into the top on either side – as shown below. They need to be oiled to prevent staining etc. and this needs to be maintained periodically


These tops are really versatile, easy to live with and very durable. They are towards the upper end of the price range for work surfaces in general but well worth it for all the benefits – if the budget allows. The possibilities include virtually any thickness, curves, 'box construction' to hide or give shape to window sills, shelves, splashbacks, islands, under mount sinks– the list goes on...


This is a naturally occurring stone which can be found all over the world and has been used for building and road projects for hundreds of years. It is hugely varied in colour and type. For worksurfaces it is cut to thickness and polished. It is a beautiful, durable and easy to live with.

Almost as versatile as Quartz – only 'box construction' and super thickness are off limits. It is in the upper end of the price range