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Knobs and handles are a small part of any kitchen that can take a long time to decide on. With so many colours and styles made from a variety of materials, you will soon realise a cupboard handle is not just a cupboard handle. Here at K4 Kitchen MakeOvers, we design amazing kitchens and spend a great deal of time helping our clients find the right handles for their doors and drawers. What if we told you that there is such a thing as a handleless kitchen? Yes, a kitchen with no handles. Well, not quite... just give this a quick read.


It is a sensible question. One would think that the handles in a kitchen are that final flourish of exceptional kitchen design. That would be true but the UK seems to adore the sleek lines and modern look of cupboards and doors without handles. Handleless has become trendy and, even if we say so ourselves, handleless kitchens really do look smart.


With a handleless kitchen creating the smooth, sleek lined look, it creates a perfect finish. Everything looks amazing and then you put the appliances in. With a handleless kitchen freestanding appliances can often ruin the entire design. We really suggest either hiding the appliances or opting for built-in items. Tiny, tidying touches in a handleless kitchen make all the difference and keeping the flow created in your design going is all part of what makes your kitchen fabulous!

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