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Welcome Back!

So… I stumbled across this the other day! Funnily enough, it’s almost as environmentally friendly as our Kitchen Makeovers.

Very little about beer packaging is environmentally friendly, but many brewers find six-packs to be a more efficient way of storing their products, despite the continuing danger to sea life.

So, Florida company Saltwater Brewery has decided to shun plastic six-pack rings entirely, replacing them with a biodegradable version made from natural products left over from the brewing process itself.

To top it off, the alternative product is edible. You can watch the promotional video here:

Amazing stuff, right?

With 500 units produced last month, Saltwater Brewery said they’re planning to bring the biodegradable rings to the mass market by the end of the summer or by 2017. I certainly hope they do, because I think this is a fantastic idea.

Now you can have your beer and help the environment too! I’ll definitely be feeling less guilty about cracking open a cold one now… CHEERS!

Speak to you later,

Charlie Jordan

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