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With the increasing demand for practical storage solutions in the kitchen, we've got just what you need! A unique, stylish storage solution, Tallstor. Tallstor gives you even more choice when it comes to storage solution and it is as functional as it is attractive.

The kitchen is now packed with clever shelving systems, racks and space-savers and storage solutions allows for an instant organisation system. Storage systems saves you time and energy with the accessibility and visibility of the pull out storage. It also makes for an easier maintained kitchen with everything kept clutter free in the storage unit and let’s face it, no one wants a messy kitchen!

It is important that kitchen storage should be reliable and practical, but the inside of the cabinet is as important as your kitchen doors and drawer fronts. This is where Tallstor blooms in your kitchen. Tallstor is beauty on the inside and there are 3 different options for the inside of the cabinet, allowing you to personalise your tall cabinets to your own individual style. Tallstor can be applied to tall cabinets in either of the following options:

Option 1: Internal drawers matching the cabinet colour.

Option 2: Internal drawers matching the drawer boxes.

Option 3: Integra style internal drawers matching the frontal colour.

Tallstor is also available as a base cabinet with multiple drawer options. The Tallstor internal drawers are a Slab drawer and these are available in our Zurfiz, Bella and Valore range. Option 3, the Integra style internal drawers matching the frontal colour is only available in the Bella range.

Tallstor is on-trend and is the perfect addition in a traditional or contemporary kitchen. Tallstor combines versatile storage with stylish design and it is sure to look amazing in your kitchen. For further information and to plan your dream kitchen with unique storage solutions, like Tallstor, contact us today... What are you waiting for?!

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