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There’s no doubt that gold is one of the metals of the moment in the home. In fact, if you use this colour in your kitchen, you’ll find this will instantly add warmth to your overall design. Of course, the options can be endless. But the key is to use this shade as an accent for a more sophisticated design. For example, consider matching a gold tap with a sink or even adding gold handles to your kitchen doors. These are some of the best ways in which to add shine and glamour to your hub of the home.


Believe it or not, gold was once a favourite for the home in the 80s and 90s. However, today the latest trend is for a more modern take on this finish. I think this is all about toning down the colour, so you’re not confronted with too much shine. These days, you can add gold taps and a matching sink to your kitchen, without the worry it will look too bright. There may be a place for bling, but not in a fully functional, ultra stylish kitchen.

There really are a variety of ways in which you can add the colour gold to an elegant kitchen. Don’t overdo it and you’ll achieve a well-considered kitchen with gold accents. For me, gold taps and matching sinks are some of the best ways in which to introduce this warmmetal into your hub of the home. After all, this area is often neglected as a purely functional space. So, why not make it so much more with a coloured tap and sink in a beautiful finish? If you choose gold, it will instantly warm up this area and make a beautiful feature in its own right.

We're a firm advocate of the metallics trend. In fact, gold taps will always stand out as a strong style statement in a contemporary or traditional kitchen with a modern twist. This finish is so versatile, you’ll find your tap will stand out whether you team it with light or dark worktops.

If you’re a big fan of warm metals, why not enquire today and let us bring the gold into your kitchen?

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