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Whilst you’re sitting down scrolling through Facebook ignoring your kitchens desperate cry for some much needed TLC. I’m here scratching my head as to why you haven’t contacted K4 Kitchen Makeovers already?

Are you anxious of the cost? Are you worried about your kitchen needing the time spent on it to make it great? LOOK NO FURTHER!

I understand not everyone has or wants to spend the money needed for a ground up redesigned new kitchen. However, I know for a fact that most of the time, people will settle for the undesirable, with the idea that their kitchen is going to require them to break the bank… or raid your children’s/partners/parents piggy banks (whoops, GUILTY!)

Well I’ve got fantastic news for you! A K4 kitchen makeover that will make even your family, believe it’s a total replacement, can be yours at only around the third of the cost. Don’t be one of those customers (who puts it off) that says when it’s all done and looking beautiful, “I just wish I’d done it years ago!”

Still not sure? This time saving, both yours and ours contributes to:

Reduced costs (up to a third!) Halving the time! A lot less mess and inconvenience! Being greener by miles! Impressed? Why wouldn’t you be?! So give us a call on: 01227 456567 or email me at: and we’ll be glad to talk to you and give you any help and advice you may need.

You can also head over to our Facebook page by clicking the following link: There, you can find some wonderful examples of a K4 Kitchen Makeover with some more information should you need. Don’t forget, click on the ‘Like’ button and turn that Facebook thumb blue. (It only takes 2 seconds!)

If you know of any friends or family that are in desperate need of a kitchen makeover, whether they admit to it or not, share our page to them.

Speak soon,

Charlie Jordan

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