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The kitchen is the place where the family gather to eat, bake and discuss events of the day. In many ways, a kitchen holds the family unit together. However, a dated or poorly designed kitchen still attempts to serve its purpose but can make things a little chaotic or cramped. The fact that a kitchen can be that way for a family is one of many reasons people choose to renew their kitchens.

Making sure a kitchen looks good while retaining the special practicality that a family kitchen demands is a unique skill. Before the perfect kitchen is conceived the family dynamic and lifestyle of those using the kitchen is understood and then the work begins. But what are the keys to a successful family kitchen?


A family kitchen is not supposed to be a work of art. Practicality is the foremost requirement of a good family kitchen and the needs of those using the space must be considered before the whims and wants of stunning design are included. A new family kitchen is about making family life easier and better. But this does not mean you won’t have a work of art at the end of the process.


Family kitchens are generally busy places with lots of activity which can lead to mess and dirt. Your family kitchen needs to be one that is easy to clean. Choosing the right materials is essential when you want a kitchen that is easy to clean. It is impossible to avoid mess and dirt but a kitchen that shows less and is quick and easy to clean with a wet cloth is important. Choosing the right materials for an easy-clean kitchen is the best first step you can make.


While a family kitchen is predominantly a practical kitchen it must also look good. A family kitchen need not be boring and adding splashes of colour gives the kitchen personality and make it a place people want to be in.


For families with young kids, a kitchen needs to be safe. Blending safety with good looks and superb practicality is key to a family kitchen where young children are around. Soft-close hinges are a perfect example of improving safety in the room. Furthermore, the room needs to be able to withstand the kind of punishment kids can dish out in a kitchen. Again, being easy to clean is a massive part of being a childproof kitchen.


Planning your family-friendly kitchen means focusing on floor space. A cramped kitchen is not a family-friendly space. Consider the positioning and layout of appliances to create a good flow. Play with different layouts and designs, maybe even knocking down a wall to create an open plan kitchen. Where there is a space, an island makes a superb focal point in a kitchen. All these ideas can be played with and we can show you many options of which one will be your dream!

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