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A galley kitchen is a truly practical kitchen that makes great use of often quite limited space. With a galley kitchen, there is no room for a centre island and certainly no space for a dining room table. This does not mean that a galley kitchen needs to be cramped nor does it need to feel small.


Galley kitchens are the ultimate kitchens where space is at an absolute premium. In the ideal world, the galley needs to be wide enough to allow two people to pass with ease. In reality, this is not always possible. A width of 1.5 metres is preferable for a double galley, a kitchen with surfaces, appliances and storage on both sides, but if you only have 1 metre of width a single galley can be an equally practical kitchen. The trick to your galley kitchen is to have one that is neither too narrow nor too wide.


The layout of your galley kitchen is important for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Where possible your design needs to consider the so-called Golden Triangle, this will help you maximise functionality in smaller spaces especially. With a double galley, you have a choice of either a symmetrical (equal height on each side) or asymmetrical (different height on each side) design. When considering this it is often a matter of personal choice.


Kitchen space is always at a premium and with a galley kitchen, this is often more so. Full-height cupboards that extend to the ceiling often create just that little extra space. Recessed shelving and storage is always a superb way to create added space. Well-positioned appliances also help make the most of space in a galley kitchen.


As with all new kitchens, light is important. Natural daylight is first prize but where designs prohibit natural light or restrict it, modern LED lighting can bring a galley kitchen to life. Light colours and even bright or bold colours work well in a galley kitchen and create the feeling of space too.

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